"It was so wonderful to have Alison take time out of her busy
schedule to instruct us. It was awesome! I realized how much I don’t know!!! But, I’m so eager to master (LOL!) what she showed us that
I can’t wait to get out there and practice! Timing on the obstacles and getting my front tire “pop” up was my biggest challenge last night."

Toni 2012

"I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend! What I really appreciated was that you gave us the WHY and not just the WHAT. So many things clicked for me and I found a way more natural feel on my bike, much the same as I did on my dirt bike as a kid. I had forgotten the joy of putting the bike where I want it and having it serve me as a tool to get where I want to go. Thank you for your great instructions!"

Jill E. Nov 2012

"I enjoyed your camp a lot and it was great to ride with you! Thank you for sharing a little bit about your life and biking career. I have been sharing it with everyone since I have been back. You are a wonderful teacher!"

Kate L. Nov 2012

"Alison - Thanks to you for your patience with my riding. I do not norrmally go out for a 7 to 8 hour ride. All in all I had a blast and will remember this ride for the rest of my life."

David 2012

"I’m so glad you encouraged me those many months ago. Coming to your camp was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Your instruction style is great! I loved the detailed breakdown and the sensitive reinforcement you offer. Thanks so very much!"

Jenny, 2011

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! I appreciate your great teaching and patience. I’ve learned so much and had a great time!"

Kurt, 2011

"What a great coach! The way you break down each skill into baby steps is amazing! I hope to take another one of your camps. Thanks for everything!"

Marilyn, 2011

“Just wanted to say what an awesome experience your camp was for me! I'd been a little worried that it would be over my head and that I'd be a ball & chain for the group, but despite several things I didn't feel up to, I never felt anything but totally one with the whole group. I'll be riding Chimney Gulch back home tomorrow and psyched to show those switchbacks who's boss! Have a great summer and thanks again for a fantastic camp.”

Mo, 2011

"You’re the best Alison! This week has been challenging and unforgettable. I will treasure my memories and the little souvenir of my “tip-over” forever!"

Deb, 2011

“I thought the guide team was well constructed. Each provided different strengths and perspectives and ways of explaining things. I learned from and appreciated each of them!”

Donna, 2010

“Learned so much in class and already putting it to good use. Have had lots of switchback/cornering opportunities and I am getting better and better at those. Have lots of riding planned this summer and I feel so much more confident about trying new things and working on the basics we learned. You are really a gifted teacher and I appreciate all the energy you put into us during our week.“

Kim, 2011

“Every year at this camp I come away with skills that not only increase my performance during racing, but elevate my level of joy in riding!”

Carolyn Gallaway, Oct 2008

“Hi Alison and Greg. Thanks again for the wonderful camp! I had an amazing time. I definitely learned a lot. I've only been riding a few times since camp as I am preparing for a marathon in June, but I did ride last night and rode through several very technical sections without clipping out of my pedals for the 1st time!! All of Greg's mantras are going through my head as I ride ("look up, 50ft/20ft, power,power, give it the gas, etc...").

Ben Battino, April 2008

“Thanks so much for all the training! Brian and I had a great time at the camp. Everyone was so cool and fun to ride with on the trails. We went out for a ride today to practice our cornering- wow! What a huge difference- no more braking before the turn, just weighting the pedals. And, we are enjoying the trails more now that we actually look up to see where we are going. Phrases keep popping into our heads, like “look up” and “look at your exit.” ? Again, we had a great time! It is really hard to get back to office work.”

Brian Fox, April 2008

“I want to thank both of you for the wonderful time I had at your camp. I greatly enjoyed your expertise, teaching, humor and company.”

David Bluestein, April 2008

“Thank you SO very much for the camp experience, and for accommodating my individual needs. The overall experience ranked among my top lifetime vacations, and the two of you definitely made the Moab adventure memorable and inspirational! “

Jen Kammerer, April 2008